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Daily trips in Huaraz, Ancash - Peru

If you are going to book our daily tours for your acclimatization, and when you are sure that you are going to combine some other options like trekking, climbing or expeditions trips within the Cordillera Blanca or Cordillera Huayhuash with us, we would be happy to give you a good offer on the prices that are online. For more details and information please contact us ✓.

Daily tours - Hiking

Trekking Laguna Churup
Adventure over (4450 m)

laguna 69
Trekking Laguna 69
Adventure over (4450 m)

laguna paron
Trekking Laguna Paron
Adventure over (4200 m)

laguna llaca
Trekking Laguna Llaca
Adventure over (4474 m)

laguna wilcacocha
Laguna Wilcacocha
Adventure over (3725 m)

Daily trips - Bus tours

cultura chavin
Culture Chavin de Huantar
Adventure over (3180 m)

flor puyaraimondi to pastoruri
Trekking Puya Raimondi-Pastururi
Adventure over (5000 m)

quebrada llanganuco lagunas chinancocha and orconcocha
Chinancocha & Orconcocha
Llanganuco-over-(3850 m)

Daily trips - Adventures

rock climbing in Huaraz
Sport/Rock climbing course
Adventure over (4250 m)

Ice climbing courses
Adventure over (4550 m)

Eric Albino Lliuya: AGOMP - Official Peruvian Mountain Guides Association - Huaraz, Peru

Eric Albino Lliuya

Mountain Guide & Tour Operator
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