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Reportaje Juventino Albino Caldua AGMP-UIAGM - PERU EXPEDITIONS TOURS 2016

Nevado Chopicalqui (6354 m), 11.07.2016. - DAV-Deutscher Alpenverein Sektion Ulm

7 Summits Club, Nevado Pisco (5752), climbing with Alexander Abramov from Russia

Expedition in Cordillera Blanca Huascarán 2012 - MAMMUT 150 Years

Expedition Nevado Alpamayo (5947 m ) - Austrian Expedition by Eric Albino

Salar de Uyuni 4 x 4 Expedition 2013

El volcán Parinacota (6348 m), FreitagTravel Reisebüro Zürich - 2013

Nevado Maparaju (5326 m), in Cordillera Blanca 2013

Peru: Cordillera Huayhuash Eine der schönsten Trekkingrouten der Welt (20 Tage)

Individual Tour - Lagune Llaca, Pass Portachuelo & Camping in Cordillera Negra

Cerro Aconcagua Expedition (6962 m / 22841ft) 2009 by Eric Albino

Expedition to volcanic Mountain Sajama (6542 m), the highest mountain in Bolivia

Cerro Rima Rima (5254 m), in the Cordillera Blanca by Eric Albino

Nevado Pisco (5.752 m) South Face by Eric Albino

Expedition to Huascaran South Shield/Direct Escudo (6768 m) by Eric Albino

Volcan Ojos del Salado Expedition 2014 by Eric Albino

A special documentary / filming – Vallunaraju by Eric Albino

Chile: Ojos del Salado (6.893 m) the highest volcano in the world by Eric Albino

Trekking Mini Cordillera Huayhuash by Eric Albino

Nevado Pisco (5752 m) - Explore and Share by Juventino Albino Caldua AGMP-UIAGM

Serbia Expedition Alpamayo (5947 m) The Most Beautiful Mountain in the world by Eric Albino

Laguna Verde - Climbing Cerro San Francisco (6018 m) by Eric Albino

7 Summits Club "Alpamayo (5947 m) The Most Beautiful Mountain in the world " by Eric Albino

Volcan Sajama - highest mountain in Bolivia by Eric Albino

Cerro Austria (5300 m) & Pequeño Alpamayo (5425 m) by Eric Albino

Eric Albino Lliuya: AGOMP - Official Peruvian Mountain Guides Association - Huaraz, Peru

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